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Perpetual traveling

green lemon
I have traveled to many countries … and I have lived in a few of them, but Francesca asked in a comment yesterday where home is when you are an expat.

Hmm, I think the word expat is a bit controversial. To me it implies that I one day want to go “home”, but I left home many, many years ago and I have had many homes since.

My home and my base is where I live today. I will always be a newcomer/ foreigner/ not-one- of-them/ or whatever, wherever I should chose to live, also if I went back to live in my birth country again … and I am fine with this :)

Happy weekend everyone!

Coffee break

coffee break-5761
I did not get to drink this coffee Friday morning. After I took the photo I wanted to check something on my notebook and I sat down at my work desk with the coffee … spilled it all over the table and into the notebook … never thought it would happen to me … and the notebook went dead.

But I am so pleased to announce that my notebook survived the coffee flood … first of all, thanks to my husband’s first aid over the weekend :)

Where to … here to

naoko looking through jack's legs
jack with his feet inside the door
our dogs do not come into the house. Somehow they just know that they have to stay on the outer side of the door (probably their previous owners taught them this), but Jack thinks that when he lies down then it is quite ok the stretch his feet (ok, paws) further and further inside. This happens especially when it’s about their meal time and he can hear me in the kitchen.

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