El Toro de Osborne

Toro de Osborne
There are 90 Osborne bulls in the Spanish landscape accordning to Wikipedia. This particular one is overlooking the beach in Fuengirola, Andalucía,

More corner views about Iconic starting here.

13 thoughts on “El Toro de Osborne

  1. Are those those big billboards cut out in the shape of a toro? I loved seeing those back in the early 80s when visited with a school trip wending its way north from Granada through Seville and Toledo to Madrid/El Escorial. Also reminded of finding weird jukebox that had all the hit songs from Grease reworked by some Spanish boyband at a roadside cantina.

  2. dorte!
    a childhood memory…
    when we drove into spain, and noticed the (only) toro we passed on our way, my dad always nudged me and said : we’re in spain, love!
    the toro = spain to me!!!!

  3. I like the silhouette of a bull, it’s a beautiful symbol of Spain. I have to search through boxes of old clothes because I had a blue skirt with black bulls (exactly the same silhouette as your photo)! And it’s not a joke :)

  4. we have one too! (on a t-shirt!)
    PS sorry i’m so late, there was something wrong with your feed updates on my reader, and I thought you were busy watching corridas or something!

  5. I remember this from the one time we visited Spain. Top1 took me on a grand tour (he had been there before) and pointed out all the bulls he knew of.

    Great shot!


  6. fantastic pic.
    they tried to get rid of them some years ago, but they are protected now. I’m glad they are, as they definitely are an icon in the southern spanish landscapes. so majestic.
    (note to everyone else: nothing to do with bullfighting as such)

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