Look at the emu in the background … don’t you think it has a silly expression on the face?

More corner views about silly starting here.


22 thoughts on “Silly

  1. He looks like he is hitting on the other Emu and the other one is trying to get away. I can just hear him saying, “Hey, baby – come here often? What’s a nice bird like you doing in a place like this?”

  2. good you pointed that out, i was all eye for the one in front, but now the one in back is just so much sillier… and yep, hon’, no government for us… and look, we’re going on.. what does that say about politcs, huh? ;)

  3. Did you know that there is this new thing called “photo-bombing”? It’s when you jump in the background of someone else’s picture. Anyway, it looks like the first emu has been photo-bombed!

  4. Gorgeous. I love emu – they always look very ready for mischief! Have you ever read a gorgeous book called Edwina the Emu. It’s a children’s book but I LOVE it!

  5. Without a doubt. . . priceless. I wonder if you saw it as you captured the image or did it reveal itself later? Silly. . . either way :)

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