If you press play above you will hear and see City Awakes. The music, mainly instrumental, is by Savage Rose for the ballet “Dødens triumf” (The Triumph of Death) by Flemming Flindt back in 1972.

It is total nostalgia as this is one of the earliest pieces of music I remember and really liked. And I still like it :)

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15 thoughts on “Music

  1. It’s interestuing ow similar that set is both to the version of Angels i America and The Death of Klingelhoffer I saw. Very Tangerine Dream sounding sdtk; early 70s instrumental synth stuff I guess is all a bit similar.

  2. Well, Dorte, I didn’t know about this and it’s very different from what I’m normally listening to, BUT: I absolutely like it, too! Good vibrations in both music and colourful dresses! ;o)

  3. So fun, and visually exciting too!
    I love their sunny colored costumes, the architecture, and choreography too.
    My ‘music’ choice was a nostalgic one too for this cv:))

  4. nostalgia is good. I practice nostalgia often too.
    now, excuse me while I go and murder my neighbours, unfortunately they are music lovers too.
    only the wrong music… and the wrong neighbours for that matter ;)

  5. I seem to remember this – perhaps I’ve seen this on tv, or in a show, back when we were living in the city. (Might have seen it in Denmark in my youth.) Oh, details, details.

    I enjoyed it. Very lively and a nice flow.


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