Last thing I learned

Since I moved to my new house I have learned a few things … first of all getting used to live in a house (most of my life I have lived in apartments). Among the things I learned about my garden was that I had a caper bush after seeing this post on FuoriBorgo. I had actually never thought about where capers come from except from a glass jar.

More corner views about things learned starting here.


19 thoughts on “Last thing I learned

  1. this makes me blush and very happy indeed :) In Italy, we also pickle the fruits of the caper (they look like gigantic capers, the size of a plum), but I find that they don’t really taste of much, and their texture is a little too squishy. I’m experimenting with tapanade, but haven’t found a good recipe yet.

  2. When I moved into my new house, I was delightfully surprised by all the lovely flowers that came up in the spring. No capers, though. That would have been a true treat indeed!

  3. Yes, Francesca is a great teacher! So glad you’re enjoying your home and discovering wonderful surprises like caper bushes. Mine were flowers, rhubarb, and an asparagas bush.

  4. Precious flower and the meal looks delicious. We always learn something interesting with Francesca! Wish you a lot of good vibes in your new place.

    ps: Have been unable to post on your blog for several days…

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