This dessert

dates with coffee and cardamom, has been tickling my fancy for quite a while. I like dates (especially the medjool ones), I like coffee and I like yougurt and cardamom. Somehow, it was like the flavours had not blended very well even though the dates had been soaking in the espresso coffee and spices overnight. Anyhow, now I’ve tried it.

It’s not very often that we have dessert, but today has been a special day because today we signed the final papers for our house at the notary. It has taken (only) about a year since we agreed to buy it. Yay :)

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15 thoughts on “This dessert

  1. oh my, a year! that certainly deserves a celebration, for all your patience!

    this recipe is intriguing, it has some of my favorite flavors. will have to try it with some of our california dates.

  2. The taste of this dessert must be surprising … and surely good!
    I am happy for you that you have signed the final papers for your house. Good news ;)

  3. congrats on completing all the paperworks for the house! The combination for the dessert sounds wonderfully aromatic, too bad it didn’t work.

  4. The dessert looks and sounds wonderful. I enjoy dates in pastry. Congrats on your house! Now the work begins, but what fun, rewarding work as you get ready to move! :>)

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