We are in the process of changing our kitchen … and I hope it is more than a dream that we will have it ready before Christmas. These days we have a mason doing the walls and somehow this involves most of our downstairs space with bags of cement and tools and dust etc. and not so much for me to do … except giving me a good excuse to go dreaming about all nice stuff I saw on Etsy today.

1: Texturized Sterling Silver Earrings from mariagotijoyas
2: Round bubble ring by The Angry Weather
3: Simple but beautiful earrings from deLcobrestudio
4: Golden Love Band from katjajesek
5: 3 organic rings from Petaluda
6: Rose quartz ring from Naventin
7: Red triple wrapped leather bracelet from TyssHandmadeJewelry
8: Silver and Wood Rings from the Ring Tree
9: Emerald Green Dahlia Blossoms earrings from floria

More cornerviews about dreams starting at FuoriBorgo

19 thoughts on “Dream

  1. I understand you! We change our kitchen too! We changed the walls and electricity. And tomorrow, guys come to install it. I’m in a hurry! Good luck to you.

  2. Your on the way to get your kitchen dream come true! Lucky you! When it’s finished you’ll soon forget about that dirt and trouble!
    Lovely collection to get over the time, I love the first earrings!

  3. Lovely finds on etsy. I love searching that site. I hope your kitchen is done soon. I know how aggravating it can be to have your house in construction mode. It feels like it’s never to end, doesn’t it?

  4. Ahhh, that is what I fear about building a house! But I pray your kitchen will be done by Christmas.
    Wow–the Etsy stuff is lovely–I must investigate.

  5. Christmas will be so festive – it’ll be done by then, surely?

    I too love Etsy, but it is also a bit confusing. So many artists, I sometimes drown in the imagery…


  6. Love your dream selection…I love them…a bit mad about those things…silver ones…simple but so beautiful…

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