R is for Raisins

These are local ones as are the figs in the background. The photo is from the Día de las Sopas Perotas (Day of the Perota soup) last month in Álora where you can taste a small free portion of the soup (based on day-old bread and olive oil and with a lot of different local vegetables), if you don’t mind waiting in a veeeery long line.

We didn’t taste the soup that day, but there were many other things to look at and taste.

Head over to Lete if you want to join her in the I Spy Alphabet game.


6 thoughts on “R is for Raisins

  1. Mmhh, that looks delicious. This year I was in Mallorca and I love the spanish cuisine and the markets. I like the guitar photo. :)

  2. Oh wow, it looks impressive. But I don’t fancy raisins in cheese cake (which is what Polish people put to this cake).

  3. I love these local traditions, where a special day is dedicated to celebrate a simple soup made with stale bread. We have many similar soup recipes.

  4. What a great tradition, I have never heard of that! and yes, so many other things to look at like those gorgeous buildings! Love the passage ways, small roads, stucco walls of Europe.

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