Where has the time gone?

This was the title of this week’s corner view that I missed. Sometimes time just passes so quickly, like this past week where I got caught up in house renovations and family visits and gardening a.o.

Think the weekend will be spent indoor listening to the rain. Enjoy your weekend.


6 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. I also miss….my time doesn´t fly, my escapes from me….
    Lovely sound and that smell of wet ground…enjoy.
    Anytime you want, you are invited to visit north..you know…

  2. i think missing a post with a title such as ‘where has the time gone’….? fetching!!!
    keep it together with the renovations! i know i’m trying this end, and .. well, yeah… let’s not get into that and think of the end result? good, good luck and heaps of courage.

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