A street in Álora

and it’s going down … or up if your are going the opposite way. In 1889 there was a Danish painter J.F. Willumsen visiting this town and he painted this street because he was very fascinated by the hilly streets here. You can see a photo of the painting ”Gade gående nedad” here.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


7 thoughts on “A street in Álora

  1. Oh my goodness that IS a steep street! And all those homes must have amazing views too – I’ll take one!
    Happy Holiday dear friend!

  2. why! amazing!!! to stand there today where yesteryear somene else was doing a great painting job…
    are you shooting digital or analog? i am a little intrigued by some areas in your image that seem to have received a whitish halo. (rof left, and antennae). i am just wondering.
    wishing you and yours, dorte, a very happy holiday season in màlaga, or wherever… ;)))

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