A year of coffees

well, almost :)

I have had trouble uploading photos for some days now, but then I have been spending time sorting out pics and noticed that I have quite a few coffee shots. Here are 10 of them plus two of another nice liquid presented in this gallery feature that I wanted to try out. If you click on one of them you get the larger format and there will be left and right arrows to see the next ones. Kind of nice I think.

5 thoughts on “A year of coffees

  1. oh coffee…and european coffee is the best!

    Happy new year Dorte !!! May your new year be filled with adventures and good health – cheers to 2012! XO

    (P.s. for some reason your post have not been showing up in my google reader. Maybe I should re-follow? …hummm)

  2. very stylish photographed drinks, and super cool gallery – I must move to wordpress, and get use of all their features … I should make it a new year resolution! :)

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