Mandarin or clementine

I actually don’t know, but they taste great.


10 thoughts on “Mandarin or clementine

  1. who cares, just eat them all up. i cannot remember what the difference is either. actually, what’s a satsuma, then?
    either way, this morning, this very sleepy ninja squeezed one of the above (which sort, beats me) that had found its way amongst the juice oranges… ha! it tasted really nice, though ;)

  2. I decided a long time ago that clementines are seedless mandarins. But I was a little confused by the “tangerines” I found in the US – how do those fit in the citrus picture?!

  3. When I was first in China I was amazed by all the beautiful little oranges that were for sale at the fruit market. Then, it hit me…mandarin oranges/mandarin Chinese. I’m a little slow, but I eventually get there! I think clementines are a sweeter type of mandarin orange.

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