So far January in my corner of the world has had beautiful sunny days with temperatures around 15-20 C during the day, but gosh, it can get really cold indoors. Our new pellet stove is really a hit in this regard.

More January corner views starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


10 thoughts on “January

  1. Very nice picture to illustrate january…slippers and a stove = perfect :)
    I would like to install a pellet stove in our living room instead of the fireplace that takes up too much space.

  2. pellets? oh, you lucky guys…
    is it comfortable warmth? do enlighten me!
    bythe looks of these comfy slippers, it is just the thing…

  3. in l.a., our house stays cool too. don’t really get it, because we have no insulation! so it stays cool in summer too. you look comfortable in your slippers!

    loved the lemon post.

  4. I am wearing similar slippers at the moment, and it’s kind of a warm winter (outdoors) here as well. Though I wouldn’t mind a little more winter weather here…time to do a rain dance. x

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