Cruz del humilladero

roof of cruz del humilladero

is a small monument very close to my home. It is built to commerorate the symbolic handover of the town’s keys by the last Arab mayor to the Catholic kings in 1484.

Photographed this morning for this week’s corner view. More monuments starting at FuoriBorgo.


14 thoughts on “Cruz del humilladero

  1. welcome back! haha, i have to laugh. we are still – los americanos – measuring our contributions to world history in terms DECADES! (well, especially if we are R. Santorum!) A monument from the 1400’s is beyond imagining for some of us!

    hope you’ll be deliciously warm both inside and out soon!

  2. Seems to be a beautiful and peaceful place! I’d love to sit on that little wall in front of it for a while and look at that wonderful surrounding!

  3. Just a couple of weeks ago, Top3 finished a project on knights and knighthood. We covered Spain being overrun by the Moors as well as the Catholics regaining grounds (oh and how knighthood prospered from that!) So good to see that this is commemmorated with a monument. It was a big issue then, a rollercoaster that lasted for hundreds of years, with all kinds of strange influences that have made Spain what it is now – very intruiging.


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