I am not a robot

screencapture of the blogger message Is it just me, or do you also think it is really difficult to read/see these words?

And one more thing, if your blogger blog is not allowing the use of the Name/URL option, I can not leave a comment as most of the time the OpenID/Wordpress option does not work for me. It’s just that as it is right now it has become even more time consuming and a lot less fun to leave comments on Blogger blogs :(

I have not figured out yet what to do about it or what can be done, but I’m not going back to using blogger again.

Apart from this …

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


6 thoughts on “I am not a robot

  1. I know this drives me crazy and I’m sure my blog does the same thing for others. If I can do something to change let me know. The words are difficult to read especially for middle age eyes, so I’m going to guess someone in their 20’s created this. :) Most of the time I am on my phone reading blogs, so it makes it double the trouble, so I can only read. Thanks for sharing a post I’m sure we are not alone. Have a golden weekend! xo

  2. I’m truly amazed at more and more user unfriendly (from my point of view) blogger is becoming. Probably, one would in fact need to be a robot to be able to use it successfully! But because I’m not a robot, I often give up trying to leave a comment, and feel glad that I’m not having to deal with it to write and publish my posts!

  3. I experience the same problem as you describe here. As probably people do when trying to leave a comment on my blog… I hope to find a solution to it soon.

    And I also experience problems here as I need to be logged into a hotmail account or facebook…

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