Work and play

Ok, cooking is kind of work and you are not supposed to play with your food, but taking photos is sometimes ok. These photos are of an artichoke tarte in progress.

I found the recipe on this site. The original one is with a polenta crust and as I thought it would be kind of too heavy I made a whole wheat flour crust and I also used fresh artichokes, which are in season now, instead of canned or frozen ones. It was really good and I think I will try it with the polenta crust next time.

The topic of this week’s corner view is work and play and you can find more starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


21 thoughts on “Work and play

  1. Yum! That tart looks fabulous. And I think cooking is pretty close to play sometimes. Particularly if you’ve got plenty of time, lots of lovely fresh ingredients and some lovely people coming over to share it with later :-)

  2. It looks very, very tasty. Summery fresh.I like the first photo and the view of your kitchen.

  3. yeah. mouth watering post, as usual.
    i could fall for that polenta crust, you know? i make my pizza crusts with part corn meal (related) and it actually makes it lighter and crustier. when i say ‘make’ i mean ‘made’, because i am in wait. for workspace.
    yeah. that’s another story though.
    anyway. that artichoke tarte looks simply delicious.

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