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Until recently I thought that Instagram was for Iphone photography only. It’s not and it is actually quite fun. Here are some random shots from the last few days. More shots here.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. parece muy divertido ese aire retro que has conseguido y ambiente de verano total, el fin de semana pasado estuve en Málaga y disfruté de un Sol esplendido!

  2. Oh, the pictures are beautiful, especially that with your feet and the water that looks a lot like summer. I also want Instagram, Instagram pictures are gorgeous. I need only a smartphone. :)

  3. (I hope this goes through, I’ve had a difficult time leaving comments because of wordpress)
    Instagram…everyone seems to be doing this and I thought you had to have a iphone too. I need to investigate! Love these “snaps” ! Janis

  4. I did too! I can’t manage to open an account with instagram – it won’t let me for some technical difficulty that I can’t be bother to try and solve.

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