Roofs where I live

Not all roofs around here are as old as the ones on these photos, but I like these very old weathered roofs and the ceramic details.


10 thoughts on “Roofs where I live

  1. These roofs are wonderful and the ceramics really great. I like the little plants on the first picture.
    You live in “holiday” place, it’s so beautiful! :)

  2. I love the houses and the roofs in your place. It’s not boring like my village. :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. These are some magnificent photos, Dorte – I honestly never imagined rooftops could look so gorgeous! Must visit your corner of the world at some point! :0

  4. Indeed wonderful details! And I especially like the photo with the cat looking at the flying birds, with the little red bits of the door and vines (it should have been autumn…). What lovely photographs and great roofs!

  5. I love the varied colors of the roofs and that first one is a delight! If that happened in this town, the city council would be calling for it to be razed! I love these halved clay flower roofs as I tend to think of them—lovely character to them.

  6. Wow. This is gorgeous. I love them, too. I especially like the perspective of the first one. What are the green tiles in the second one made of?

  7. beautiful post Dorte, these roofs give me good feeling, probably because they look so solid and secure and those old roof tiles are gorgeous, x

  8. all of them are gorgeous! you live in a beautiful town!
    btw you are the winner of my anniversary giveaway…congrats!! can you please email me with you info?

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