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Last Sunday we became the owners of two dogs, 5 years olds Jackie (boy) and Naoko (girl) … adopted from a shelter on the Coast. Sofar they look like they like it here. Hmm because, well, I never thought about having dogs before I moved to this corner of the world.

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13 thoughts on “Hmmmm …

  1. Bless your heart for rescue these adorable pups. They look like siblings, are they?
    On behalf of Jackie and Naoko thank you for opening your home up to them. They look very happy. We got our Kelly girl at 5 years old- I like that age for rescue. Our current pup Mr. Bojangles was a rescue at 10 months was found as a stray and was in kill shelter within an 1/2 hour of loosing his life. Never thought I would get a puppy and there were at times I thought what was I thinking, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Enjoy your time with Jackie and Naoko, they truly look happy and are beautiful looking dogs. xo

  2. Oh man, are the magnificent. I see, like the two are very good for you. That’s a nice feeling to dog owners to be? Am I right?
    The last photo is beautiful. The other two, I also like very much. Where the dog is on the second picture? Is that his hut?

  3. Lucky dogs to have a new home. We too are planning on getting a dog this year. Something we never would have done in NL, but now we have some more space and time we cannot wait to get a new member of the family.

  4. Seems they already found the way to your heart when I look at the last picture. There is no better friend than a dog. Or even two! Believe me! ;-)
    Looking forward to see dog-adventure-pics!

  5. They seem very friendly – and they fit beautifully in your surroundings ;-)

    I have this recurrent dream that I am living in a little house (on the prairie), with just a big dog. In that house, he lies by my feet as I read, and write, and draw, and paint, and listen to music. I so love that dream – even if I’m always old in it, and alone, except for that quiet dog.


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