This time of the year

the olive trees are blooming.

The topic of this week’s corner view is on the ground/at my feet and you can find more starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.

14 thoughts on “This time of the year

  1. that is so beautiful ! i love the third photo … all the little flowers on the ground …. and the last one, with the green leaves … just lovely !

  2. Oh yes we have seedlings falling from our trees (not olive), and our pup drags them in on his paws and fur. I feel like I am cleaning multiple times a day. :) I’m happy to see a peek of your pups on this one. The olive tree flowers are pretty too! xo

  3. your picture 2 does it for me. time and again, skeletal shadows remind me of iron fretwork, which i love as well. i simply feel smitten with that pattern.

  4. I’d love olive trees in my neighbourhood. Won’t ever happen, unless I move South of course!


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