New energy :)

I made these a few days ago …

they were really good, so good that I consider buying a food processor now. In fact, I have been wanting one for some time as my blender is having a hard time with some of things I try to make it blend or chop or whatever. Any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “New energy :)

  1. I love both my blender (it gets a lot of use in the winter when I make soup), and my food processor (indispensable for big batches of pesto, pie crust, grated parmesan etc). I use an ancient Braun with blades and different disks, hope it lasts several more years!

  2. Looks good and possibly tastes better! I make the same kind of snacks from time to time. The little Tops love it!

    I am on the look out for a blender as well. First, I got to see about funds. I’m hoping these things are not as expensive as our juicer was (which is still holding strong, but alas, a juicer is not a blender.)


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