These photos are from January when we just got the licence to burn … around here we are allowed only to burn from October to end of April and you need a special permission from the forrest department.

More about fire starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


12 thoughts on “Fire

    1. thank you … we were burning weed (grass mailly) and branches from the olive trees that had been pruned.

  1. Beautiful photos and example too. I don’t live in the countryside but I also think we need a permission for to burn during summer. But it may be in the south of France only, I don’t exactly.

  2. dorte, you have documented this well! the last photo has such an interesting composition, while image 2 is just plain scary. i feel ‘someone’s’ shadow in it!

  3. great photos, just like you around here we are not allowed to burn at summer time, too dry, too dangerous

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