Blue trees

The jacaranda trees are blooming now and I just have to photograph them. A couple of years ago I also showed you the blooming trees here.

Have a great start of your week.

14 thoughts on “Blue trees

  1. Love the jacaranda trees… love the fallen purple petals scattered beneath the trees. Beautiful looking up, or down…

  2. These are gorgeous images of the beautiful blooming Jacaranda!
    I suppose it’s the high altitude they are growing there, late bloomers compared to the Jacarandas I know about here in Wien. I love it when I spot one, they remind me of old those growing along the Potomac river and painting the river banks lavender blue.

    A wonderful week to you too,

  3. loving your new blog lay out. makes your images stand out even more. your left eye is super creative!
    also, your left eye is green, honey! oh~my~god! did you know? ;)))
    and it matches the colour of your headset perfectly !!

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