Two dogs and two balls

come out and play
My dogs love to play with balls. They have one each, but the game is only with one at the time. Either the blue or the green.

Naoko is the jumper, Jack the runner. Jack usually wins, that is catches the ball or Naoko lets him get the ball. Its quite funny to observe. If Naoko gets the ball she walks away with it to lie down and chew on it for a while … and Jack stands patiently watching her.

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21 thoughts on “Two dogs and two balls

  1. They are so cute! I forgot are they siblings? I love the action shots. Is it one ball at a time, because they want the same ball? When Riley (dog sit) comes to stay with us it never fails, we have a basket full of toys, but Riley and Bo want the same toy and will do a tug a war thing. The problem is Bo is much bigger so he is dragging the toy and Riley around the floor. LOL… We are always near by and let this go on only for a moment so things don’t get to rough. xo

    1. according to the papers they are siblings.
      both of them run for the ball we throw and they forget about the other one …

  2. Great action shots! Impressively well captured.
    I never manage to catch Paula in action, she’s either half out of the picture or at least out of focus… ;o))

    So nice those two finally got a good home. I just need to look at your dogs’ faces to see that they’re happy!

  3. I guess Naoko is the boss. How did you come up with the name Naoko for a dog. It doesn’t sound like a Spanish name, but then Jack isn’t either????

  4. Awesome action shots! That Naoko is quite the jumper! You have to be in a good mood after playtime with them! Very fortunate you are to have two wonderful dog companions!

  5. Lovely ones, they are beautiful….love them. And I find really great the new look of the blog….so visual, so much stronger photo presence…

  6. Wonderful photos and so nice to see this side of ‘you’ too:))
    Thank you so much for the link to the monkey photos, they are indeed amazing!
    This corner view makes me realize how ‘timid’ I am in a way with photographing animals, I feel like such a novice, but in a nice way in that I want to get know more animals better:))

  7. Oh I see now I did not say anything about your great photos. I’ve seen them but – and I wanted to say something. Stupid. I like your photos very much, and especially your dog. They look so great and joyful. They have a good life with you.

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