A kind of squash

I bought a couple of this funny looking squash the other day at the organic market that takes place every weekend in different towns in the valley area where I live. I forgot the exact name of it, but they told me that I had to use fill it and bake it. So I did, but I didn’t have a recipe and the result was not too successful.

I made the filling with some cooked quinoua, garlic, onion, wallnuts green peber and basil leaves and chilies. I also added some egg mixed with yogurt and cheddar cheese and then baked it. However, it did not have very much taste. Do you have a good recipe for stuffed squash?

For the coffee we had something very tasty … and sweet. In the morning I had just been to the postoffice to pick up a parcel from RosaMaría. In was two lovely colorful mini quilts and also some yummi caramels. Thank you so much RosaMaría.

More cornerviews about vegetables starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.

9 thoughts on “A kind of squash

  1. It still looks so delicious! We love squash and have it quite often but I have never made it stuffed. I must search for some recipes. Thank you Dorte!

  2. We make stuffing and eat zucchini that way – when we stuff squash, we don’t eat the squash outer part, which becomes tough, and during the cooking process serves mainly as a pretty container that (presumably) releases some of its squash-y taste!

  3. I have never bake this sort of vegetable so I don’t have any recipe or “good” idea to cook it :) However it seems tasty…but it’s true, we should never trust appearances a lot ;)

  4. It looks delicious! Sorry it didn’t turn out that well, I hate using time on cooking dinner and having it turning out only ‘so-so’, it make me feel like I’ve wasted my time.

  5. add plenty of spice, and if you can strong cheese, to add dimension.
    apart from anything else, your recipe reads a treat.

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