Time to play

the ball according to Jack. He is rather tireless in this regard and when we are inside the house, his tactique is to kind of sneak the ball inside and wait for us to bring it outside.

It is difficult not to laugh watching his game.

More laughs starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


9 thoughts on “Time to play

  1. Haha, he’s cute and really clever! I know that game from our dog Paula, she never gets tired playing ball and if we’re in the garden she does the same thing as Jack: puts the ball in front of our feet and gives us the c’mon-go-throw-the-ball-look! Even when it reaches the stage of annoying us we still have to laugh at the same time! ;o))
    I love the smiling and innocent face of Jack.

  2. Playing with dogs always makes me laugh–such joy! Cute dog—how could you not be happy with such a wonderful companion?!:>)

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