This is esparto grass which is very common around here. It can be used as shades for doors and windows and for baskets a.o. Don’t you think the baskets for the motorcycles are cool?

More cornerviews about grass starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


13 thoughts on “Grass

  1. Yes, very cool! We have some native tall grasses here that I like to put in floor vases.
    I never thought about weaving them.

  2. I agree… cool! Infact, I could do with some of those window blinds at the moment, it’s so hot here.
    I also love the smell of that woven grass :-)

  3. Great Material! Makes very cool motorcycle baskets! Do you think they could survive our German rainy summers, too?

  4. Yes, beautiful photos and ‘use’ of grass!
    I hadn’t thought of that:)) Cool and creative, happy summer days!♡

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