Urban flora

Whenever in Málaga I usually take a walk through el Parque de Málaga. It’s very tranquil and shady and with a lot of beautiful flowers.

In June it was the blooming purple acanthus that attracted my eye. A few weeks back it was the purple color of these people’s t-shirts and of my daughter’s dress.

More corner views about flora starting at Francescas FuoriBorgo.


12 thoughts on “Urban flora

  1. My goodness, the beautiful weather lasts forever in your parts! (As I type this, we’re in the midst of quite the storm.)

    I love that plant – it has such cathedral aspirations, if you know what I mean. There is something about the architecture of nature that inspires to no end.


    1. Si es una joya y gracias por la recomendación. Fue hace unos años en el invierno. Quiero visitarlo de nuevo en otoño o primavera :)

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