Cat and dogs

My two dogs are not cat friendly … The other day they were so excited about having managed to chase the neighbor’s cat up in a tree … where it stayed until it got dark and could sneak home.

6 thoughts on “Cat and dogs

  1. Oh dear, poor kitty! I bet the neighbour’s not happy about that…Know this problem quite good, because our dog doesn’t like cats either. In fact we can’t even mention the word “cat” without keeping her from running around and barking for a virtual cat!
    Had to smile about that picture series anyway. The dog’s face is more smiling than angry. At least I feel like that. The cat’s obviously of another opinion! ;o)

  2. Oh dear, luckily I hear that your dogs do not like cats. My Frieda don’t loves cats too, she will wild every time when she discovers a cat. :) And we live in a street where there is only one dog (our Frieda) and lots of cats.

  3. this is how my cats behave towards squirrels. it doesn’t keep the squirrels away tho!

    your pictures are so lovely these days Dorte. spain must be suiting you.

    1. It has stopped raining … And thank you for your concern. We are ok where we live. The flooded areas were down by river and there have been quite some damages and the town is without drinking water.

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