Autumn arrived

The night between Thursday and Friday last week Autumn arrived. 204 l of water per square meters in just a few hours causing the river to flood. Our municipality has been hit hard. Fortunately our house is high in the mountain so we have stayed dry.

11 thoughts on “Autumn arrived

  1. that contrast between red earth and grey gravelstone… it’s pretty symbolic, in a sense.
    changed the lay outs, dorte!

    1. yeah, i changed the layout again. the previous one i like more, but it was not adapting well to mobile devices so i´m trying this one out for now.

  2. we too had some torrential rains last week, and flash floods are a problem down the coast and not up here, though we always fear landslides when it rains this hard – could we just not have some gentle rain?

    1. hi inga, yes it is our view and usually the water (the light brown muddy stuff) in the lower third part of the photo is usually hardly visitble from here.

  3. Oh dear! So glad you’re living up in the hills! However, your pictures are so calm and peaceful. The quiet after the storm…

  4. Me ha encantado la fotografía de tus perros. Sobre las “inundaciones” poco que comentar: horribles.

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