Shutters art

Around 2 o’clock the shops in Málaga closes for lunch and siesta and their shutters are down. Here are how some of them look. I really like them.

Cornerview this week is about street art. More starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


16 thoughts on “Shutters art

  1. Good idea to show us these closed shops. The iron shutters of French stores are sad because there is no decorations on like that.

  2. Cerca de calle Carretería hay un jardín vertical que fijo que te gustaría visitar. A ver si doy con la dirección y te la dejo aquí escrita.

  3. oh my word! this IS beautiful. the sleeping city and all its eye lids are variedcolouredly shuttered…. just a beauty!!

  4. I love the shutters where you are!
    And even more guess what I am completely thrilled in your last photo to see how you cropped it to include a

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