Am I an artist

The cornerview theme this week is the above question … and no, I am not an artist, but below is a photo of one, a local singer Miguel Vergara “El Pibri” from when he was performing at a local show a few weeks ago in favor of the victims of the flood.

It was a really good and entertaining show with songs from the 70s and 80s, that is, songs that were popular in Spain at that time. Not many were the same as we listened to in Denmark at that time.

I found several youtube videos with El Pibri and if you like flamenco and would like to hear how it is performed around here you should listen to this one.

More about who are artists or not starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


11 thoughts on “Am I an artist

  1. You are so humble, I think of you certainly as an Artist!!!
    But it`s nice that you share the work of others that you admire in response to the topic!
    I will listen to the song now!!(and hopefully post too, am late this week to Corner View!)

  2. i agree with joanne – and i think that the best artists are the ones that are humble and are able to praise other artists because it means that they are open to the world and other peoples’ realities and that is the job of the artist: to process our human experience and present it in ways that touch us. i think you do that!

  3. while in this country we seem to be consumed by apathy, I’m in awe of Spanish people who (peacefully) demonstrate and make music for social and political causes.

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