Spring and Autumn

I really like these these flowers, daucus carota, and I think they are equally pretty in Spring or Autumn.


9 thoughts on “Spring and Autumn

  1. swell magic heads on slender stems!
    they are architectural, if you ask me… wonderfully inspiring.
    i didn’t know their name either, cheers.

  2. Con la llegada del otoño, acompañado de las primeras lluvias, el campo se está poniendo bien “guapo”. Bueno momento para pasear y disfrutar del campo. Por cierto, he reabierto un blog que tenía para mostrar las fotografías que voy tomando de los sitios que visito, espero que te pases para visitarlo: http://wp.me/1oqfY

  3. These flowers exist here too. This is a good idea to see it “before/after”. Both are beautiful but I think I prefer the flowering of spring :)

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