This is my favorite energy source … the food market in Calle Atarazanasin Málaga. I know, I have shown you photos from the place before, but I was there last week and these are all fresh.

I really like the photo above of the stained glass window with the sun lighting it up from behind. Below photos from the vegetable and fruit section.

Googling a bit about food energy and sources I stumpled on this site with recommendations and a fruit and vegetable calculator so you can check how many of each you need a day. Hmm, I should eat 4-5 cups every day, not sure that I manage that … everyday, even with food markets like this one close by. What about you?

The cornerview this week is about energy. More about this starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


20 thoughts on “Energy

  1. what a gorgeous marketplace! this is one of those cases where cups and a measuring system based on volume don’t make much sense to me: 4 cups of lettuce can’t possibly be the same as 4 cups of, say, beans!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love food markets, and didn’t know about this one in Malaga. Will have to visit it next time we are in the south. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh you lucky, lucky, LUCKY thing to live where there is such a gorgeous market! We have farmers’ markets here – and they’re lovely but they are very small. And I love the stained glass window. Just gorgeous :-) Great photos too – I felt like I could almost reach in and pick up those beautiful tomatoes.

  4. on markets like these you will always find inspiration to cook, i’m a real vegetable eater, fruit too, but more in summer, at the moment we are enjoying the Spanish oranges and mandarins, there scent belongs to this time of year, great photos, the stained glass resembles the colors inside, xx

  5. I was there when I visited Malaga in September – great place with lovely fresh fruit, fish etc. I would love to have somewhere like that in my home town.

  6. mmmmm … those artichokes! i would eat them everyday if i could! i LOVE fruits and vegetables! this market is superb. these sorts of markets are one of the many things i miss about living in spain!

  7. Seeing this I want to go NOW to Malaga! What a lovely energy and also beautiful!
    I have never been there, but this certainly invites me to go!

  8. I love the stained window, the ‘promise of adventure’ is so energizing… Back in that day, even going to the next town was a journey, now it’s too easy for us to jump on a plane and go anywhere, almost requires no ‘energy’ at all :)

  9. happy fruit and sushi eating! yes i find it hard to eat as many fruit and vegetables as i should. if only i had someone else to cook for me! maybe it would be different…….

  10. I can feel the energy just from looking at the vegetables abundance in your photos!
    No doubt that they are the perfect foods from the earth :))♡

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