White in Copenhagen

walk w emmy and my mom
wall of skydebanen
playing football in the snow
ice and snow on the lakes
nilen sculpture in christmas mood
It snowed when I was in Copenhagen last week, but it doesn’t stay white for long. It either melts or turns grey.

The first three pics are from a small park called Skyebanehaven (The Shooting Range Gardens) at Vesterbro, the neighborhood where my daughter lives. The last two are from the Lakes area and of the statue Nilen dressed for Christmas.

The cornerview this week is about white. More about this starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


16 thoughts on “White in Copenhagen

  1. Oh your post has made my laugh!!!
    All those little men with the red hats on :-)
    I love Copenhagen, I have been there a few times ( I have a Danish best friend, she lives in Jutland, but her sister nearby Copenhagen), and I just adore this town!

    I don’t know the book you have written on my blog!
    I’m not so into thrillers….

  2. the snow and cold is beguiling…if you only have to put up with it for a short time! hate when it turns grey and dirty. hope you’re feeling better now at home!

  3. I have heard Copenhagen is a really beautiful city. Your photographs certainly provide some tantalising glimpses of that beauty – and a real sense of fun!! You’re so lucky to get snow at Christmas-time :-)

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