cloudy sky in alora
just almond flowers
the almond trees
after a week with unpleasant weather. I don’t think there are many blossoms left on the almond trees after all the strong winds here. Hope to get time in the weekend to check it out.


7 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Your trees are blossoming already? Your season is so far ahead! Such a beautiful sight… I can imagine you took long, slow walks under those poetic trees. Nature is awesome…you really captured it here. xo

  2. Hello Dorte! Altought it is still winter, “el almendro” has blossom very early for here. Greetings!

  3. so lovely. we have groves like this in california but i have to drive 4 hours to see them! hope some blossom remains for you.

    (p.s. I’ve finally put you on my blogroll so i can visit more often and not miss anything. yes!)

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