dorada facing left
dorada facing right
is not only on Fridays in our house. The Dorada (gilt-head bream) is our favorite, and baked in salt is the best.

Yesterday I had a very quiet day … most of it in bed trying to get rid of a really irritating cold my husband had managed to pass on to me. So I spent time surfing with my new tablet and listening to some really inspiring TED talks too.

Below is one of the ones I listened to: the NY chef Dan Barber on How I fell in love with a fish. He is talking about the Dorada. And not just any Dorada. Have a watch/listen. It’s really good.

Have a great weekend.


10 thoughts on “Fish

  1. We fell in love with this fish when we had it at a Greek restaurant (in CA). Buon appetito.
    By the way, my husband just pass a cold on to me as well. Not fun ;^)
    Happy Friday Dorte!

  2. been living under a stone myself.
    no! haven’t forgotten about you.
    wishing you well, and dorada too, as it happens.

  3. dorada, yummie, regularly on our menu too, i’ll try this recipe
    and what a beautiful fish it is!
    get well soon dear Dorte,meanwhile the TED talks will accompany you pleasantly i’m sure, thanks xx

  4. get well soon! i’m enjoying these beautiful food posts. as for “ted” – i was thinking of attending one/some since long beach is quite close. but now they’ve decided to move to vancouver!!!!

  5. Love dorada a la sal…ummm
    How about the tablet…I am thinking about buying one, but really don´t know…and every advise is wellcome

  6. Fish backed in salt has become my favorite way of cooking scaly fish since Dana posted about it! I’ve booked marked that TED talk – I’ve never actually listened to one!

  7. Dorada is so expensive here that we don’t ever buy it. But when visiting my aunts house she always prepare Dorada for us. Delicious! I’ll have to see the video tomorrow, because everyone is sleeping around here. Have a nice weekend!

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