Where to … here to

naoko looking through jack's legs
jack with his feet inside the door
our dogs do not come into the house. Somehow they just know that they have to stay on the outer side of the door (probably their previous owners taught them this), but Jack thinks that when he lies down then it is quite ok the stretch his feet (ok, paws) further and further inside. This happens especially when it’s about their meal time and he can hear me in the kitchen.

More feet cornerviews starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.

9 thoughts on “Where to … here to

  1. Clever gorgeous and graceful!! He looks like his is in the Sphinx pose (yoga pose), so elegant in stature, great pose!! I hope his dinner is ready soon:))

  2. very well behaved dogs! our can doesn’t come in either – when we look, that is. as soon as we turn the other way, she makes herself welcome!

  3. That is sooo cute. I like your dogs and photos of the dogs.
    Our Frieda is in the house, because we have no garden. But for dogs, it is wonderful when the house has a garden. Your dogs feels very comfortable. They look very happy. And the feet in the house … that’s great. :)

  4. We had a cat like that that knew where he was suppose to go and not go. Miss him dearly. So happy you have such wonderful pets to enjoy your life with.

  5. Intelligent nice guys, haha. Look, how Jack keeps smiling while he stretches his paws across the border… I just love your dog pictures!

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