Close by

pretty flowers and jack and naoko in the background
jack and naoko in the grass
Have a nice weekend.


10 thoughts on “Close by

  1. I have saw your photos of “orquídeas”, ones are beautiful! I hope happy weekend for you also.

  2. i hope this pics are telling us that you’ve had a very nice weekend there where you are. it looks lovely. (some dogs look happy!)

    the flowers that you liked in the london post are lilies of the valley. i think in french they are:
    muguet. v. old fashioned flowers.

    have a good week now!

  3. just found my way here.
    enjoying the nature you are surrounded by so much. where is this? spain? beautiful! makes me peaceful, your photos…

    reminds slightly of where i live currently in the north of israel..

  4. i know what i’ll find when i come visit. i’m never disappointed. i so enjoy how you enjoy life. your eye is it. happy days to you all… n♥

  5. Perfect moment,
    thank you for bringing us so close up to the field and flowers too:))
    Seeing them as if they are winking back at you.

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