My garden

is quite green and alive these days. I think the very wet winter is the reason why.
The last pic is of the four orange trees we planted last year. I noted the name of the trees at the time just to remember the varieties. Now, they are blooming … again, and the navelina to the left has one, not ripe though, fruit on one of its lower branches … but the trees have not really grown in size. Hmm, I’m still not sure it was a good idea to plant these trees. We are learning though.


4 thoughts on “My garden

  1. amazing figure with ♥eyes! love it!
    liquid images as ever… and sun! my dear, you do realize you are being spoilt. .. ;)))

    cheers for passing by, dorte! and how are you? fine, i hope.
    the seeds in the pots should actually grow into beetroots, if i’m not mistaking.
    i must plant them a little more spaced out from one another, i realize…
    later this week…

    thxs for your comments.
    yes, ansel adams… you might be tempted.
    he’s interesting enough a photograph. ..

  2. we have had a dry winter and spring and so fewer wildflowers than normal….how lovely tho to have four orange trees! my husband will be jealous. i look forward to seeing how much fruit comes off them.

  3. My father in law, was in his “pueblo” near Sevilla las week. He says that he can’t rememeber seeing it so green and with water in the rivers since he was a kid. I can imagine it must be beautiful!

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