the other side
one side of the road
This time of year the backroads are lined with beautiful flowers … and if it is a road with very little traffic they pop up in the road as well.

The cornverview theme this week is Bridges and backroads. The bridge that did not survive the flood in the Autumn is still in the river and nobody really knows when or if it will be fixed.

More starting at Francesca’s Fuoriburgo.


13 thoughts on “Backroads

  1. i missed that post on your unfortunate bridge.
    luckily there will always be flowers. in backroads. and in the roads….

  2. Poor little bridge! But the flowers are lovely. Someone asked me the other day what my favorite flower is and I couldn’t answer. (No, it’s not the obvious answer “heather” :-) ) I think if she asks me again tomorrow, I could answer – wildflowers.

  3. is that a forget me not growing wild? so the flowers and the rain are the consolation for the terrible shape spain is in at the moment? hope it all gets back to “normal” soon.

  4. Hello. I hope that you meet fine. I am very happy to see a lot of plants with flowers on the countryside.

    Ahora un poquito de español, porque quiero comentarte una curiosidad sobre la primera planta (no se su nombre). Si coges una flor y la aprieta, sale un líquido viscoso transparente y muy dulzón. Espero haberme explicado bien, por eso, no me he atrevido a escribirlo a inglés para no confundirte más.

    Disfruta del fin de semana, ^^

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