Building site in disguise

kongens nytorv metro 4
kongens nytorv metro 3
kongens nytorv metro 2
kongens nytorv metro 1
These photos were taken last week on Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen. You can read more about the fence project and this pixel art installion here .

The construction of the Metro has been going on for ages (or this is how it feels at least), so if you are planning to visit, be careful choosing where to stay. The noise, the mess and the traffic are not pleasant factors despite the efforts to beautify it. In 2018 the plan is it will look like this.


8 thoughts on “Building site in disguise

  1. Las “grandes” obras en la ciudad pueden convertirse en eternas e incluso no llegar a terminarse. Como por ejemplo, la catedral de Málaga – la manquita. Espero y deseo que no sucede lo mismo con el metro en la ciudad. Espero que allí sean más serios que aquí y las obras acaben en la fecha establecida. Saludos.

  2. yes, a beautiful disguise – but it’s true, it’s hard for all of us to be patient and tolerate of the disruption even for as good and useful a project as mass transport. when you think that the great cathedrals took decades, centuries to build! we in the 21st c. just want to fast forward everything.

    Happy Weekend!

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