In June

I visited Seville for a few hours with some friends. I live just a couple of hours’ drive away, but it was the first time I went … but not the last.

Time is really flying this summer and my pc time has been given a very low priority … anyhow have a wonderful weekend. I’m off again :)

6 thoughts on “In June

  1. too right, you’re off! you are living in paradise most of the time, dorte. i always enjoy your take on this beauty anyway. have a wonderful, delightful summer yourself, and i ‘m sure we’ll be witness to that too. before long. xxx n♥

  2. That is correct. In summer, avoid the PC and prefer to enjoy the summer. He is so fast. And the winter is long enough to cherish the PC.

    I was not yet in Seville. But I like your pictures very much. Worth a trip.

  3. Oh I love Seville! My friend Mariana lived there for 3 years, she left yesterday to return home to Costa Rica – I had a lovely holiday there last September. It’s a great city to spend time in.

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