September gone

red bricks with holes in
it is messy around here
red bricks with holes in
It’s messy around here.

Since I came back from Copenhagen we have been into home improvement projects. The walls and the roof have been isolated with tiny little plastic balls to (hopefully) make it warmer indoors in winter. We are also having our bathroom and bedroom and staircase made over.

The plan is to be done with these works in a month’s time. Then we only have one big project left indoors, which is the basement that we would like to make more habitable (part of it was the garage before).

So this is what has kept me busy and away from the pc in September.


3 thoughts on “September gone

  1. great photos, and nice seeing you in the reflection! we should meet over a cup of tea, and discuss the pleasures of home improvement :)

  2. Beautiful brick pattern. I was thinking, In Denmark most houses are made of brick, how do make them warm there? Good luck on the remaining work!

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