Before and after now

Sekker Hansen drawing
On the above photo you can see a little framed drawing (by Aage Sikker Hansen). What you can not see of the drawing for the two candle holders is a crib with a newborn baby.

Before, the drawing used to be mine. and before that it was my mother’s. She has had it since I was born, and she gave it to me when my daughter was born. Now, it is standing on a shelf in my daughters apartment. She gave birth to the cutest litlle baby boy almost two months ago, in August :)

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14 thoughts on “Before and after now

  1. How beautiful! And congratulations!!
    I feel so much of your `story` through the `spiral` image in the drawing …the post has no beginning an end, and I feel something `new` in the whole idea of before and after, which is that glorious sense that you express in the photo (amazing how you do it, say so much in one simple and elegant photo!) of continuation….♡

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