Sacred places

the tower
Above you see the tower of a church, Iglesía de los Santos Mártires, in the historic centre of Málaga. The redness of its bricks always catches my eye … and I have taken many photos of the building from the outside (it’s kind of a challenge to get a good photo of it as the streets surrounding it are so narrow so that you can only look up or into it’s walls.

ceiling 2
the door 3
It never occured to me to go inside the building before some weeks ago when I were in Málaga again with some photographer friends and they wanted to see it from the inside (I am not really into churches), but wow, it’s ceiling is really beautiful.

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  1. you live a wonderful country as far as churches, with their art and history, are concerned (as well as many other things) – you must get into the habit of walking in! :)

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