All the small things

flowers in a vase ... in Dansehallerne
emmy and felix in Dansehallerne
Like having coffee in a nice café… in Copenhagen. The criteria now if finding the places that welcome mothers with babies. Dansehallerne’s Café Elefanten at Carlsberg is one :)

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15 thoughts on “All the small things

  1. I love it when I can sit at a café with a sweet and cup of coffee and people watch. One of life’s finest pleasures :-) Of course, cuddly babies are also one life’s finest pleasure!

  2. Never thought about something like that since almost all cafe’s here in the states are children friendly, but I remember searching out stores that were easy to access with a stroller.

  3. i thought all babies in Denmark got left outdoors, while their mothers sipped their coffees! Isn’t this so? Love the little glimpse of baby grandchild.

  4. beautiful combination of small pleasures,emanating LOVE!!

    PS congratulations, you are a recipient of my random draw movie!!
    Please send me your postal address when you have a chance and I will follow up with the detail!!

    1. Sorry Anne Marie, did not notice. Yes, the little one the the background on the last pic is my grandson. Ja, jeg er blevet mormor :)

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