winebarrels and blurred jan
the whole in a wine barrel
winebarrels with flowers
winebarrels with a mess
No, we did not drink the wine from these barrels. We got them when they were empty.

One of them we cut in half and planted one of the halves with a lime tree, the other with a mandarine tree and some succulents to cover the earth. The pink flower is the succulent that is blooming now.

We haven’t decided yet what to use the rest of the barrels for. Ideas are very welcome :)

More cornerviews about wine starting Francesca’s FuoriBorgo.


11 thoughts on “Wine

  1. Some bars here have as an outside tables…so there is a second hand barrel market…
    or if you cut them in halbs they are used as pots for plants…or outside chairs and tables…

  2. they are beautiful. i love the pink/red stains. also, i think it nice you are able to use them – now and then i see pretty things i would like to have, but then i realize i don’t need them and so they don’t come into my home…

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