view towards el torcal
the stairs
me in the mirror
not my thing … I prefer to photograph other people, known or unknown to me and the things I do, see or like in my daily life.

So, on the first pic you can see how beautiful the mountain across the valley looks right now, on the second, the newly tiled staircase and the walls that I will paint (white) soon. On the last one, a mirror (part of the old bathroom furniture) waiting to be collected … and a little bit of me on too.

More self-portraits starting at Francesca’s FuoriBorgo


14 thoughts on “Self-portraits

  1. Like you I don’t like being in front of the camera, I prefer to be behind it. I made ​​a big effort for this CV…..

  2. I think every photograph we take is a self-portrait, so its interesting to see your beautiful series and I can feel the sense of `you` in them all!! ♡

    1. what a nice thing to write Joanne. I agree, it does tell something about a person what/how he/she chooses to photograph something :)

  3. Love that place…that stairs are incredible and the view…and i am a bit to those who stay behind the camera…sometimes…go out just to take fun ;)

  4. I also don’t like do photograph myself and afterwards I complain with my family because I’m the only one that is missing.
    Great photos as usual!

  5. Not my cup of tea either…

    The first picture is incredibly beautiful! I imagine this as a large mega-print hanging over a white sofa… great!

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