A new year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you enjoyed the break.

The past year I really had a feeling that I did not really get to photograph, but then when I go through my archives I can see that I have saved almost 4000 pics.

The thing is that many, many of the them are like the ones above. Pics of our home improvement projects … mess, dust, bricks, rocks, tools and so on … and yes, they will be nice to look at in a couple of years when we have recovered from the mess and want to see how it once looked.

Of the 4000 pics another big part are of my little grandson who was born in August. They will be saved for the family album of course. And since he will be coming to Spain with his parents in a couple of days, more pics of this kind will be taken :)


3 thoughts on “A new year

  1. We also renovating the apartment. With us, but it only lasts a few weeks. Anyway, it’s very exciting when you witness the change from the photos. This makes satisfied.

    Grandson … these are the best pictures that you will ever make in life.

  2. Happy New Year! It all sounds good – home improvement, grandson pics. Everything in its own time, no? We look forward to some of this year’s 4000 pics! xo

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